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2012 Travel Report #14

Day 15 – a whole 2 weeks and it seems like just yesterday that we arrived in Tokyo.

You’re all welcome for the daily updates,

2012 Travel Report #13

Good Evening or Good Morning depending on where you are.

Day 14 is drawing to a close for some……while for others (who crave the night life) it is only beginning.

2012 Travel Report #12

Hello everyone, here is today’s update.

Day 13,,,,a day of travel and an introduction to Sapporo.

2012Travel Report #11

Day 12,,,,a day of rest, an evening of horror….well for some who were not expecting the evening’s new uniform.

2012 Travel Report #10

Hello everyone,

Day 11 activities are done and recorded for historical purposes.

The day began with our last game in Kushiro, against Karuizawa high school.

2012 Travel Report #9-A

Hi All,

For today’s game Coach Nak will be inserting his secret weapon (ha ha) who has been away practicing with Japanese female players.

2012 Travel Report #9

Day 10 was another day of exciting hockey and cultural experiences,,,the good times just keep on rolling.

2012 Travel Report #8

Day 9 is complete and not without lots of excitement and culture.

We all had a bit of a reprieve this am as the itinerary started with a live radio interview with three Nikkei players at 1 pm.